New CD - Choralis Constantinus 500


Vocal liturgical music in the Habsburg imperial court according to 15th and 16th-century practices

Heinrich Isaac: Quis dabit

Hans Leo Hassler: Cantate Domino

Asperges me

Introitus – Heinrich Isaac: Suscepimus Deus (Choralis Constantinus II.)

Kyrie – Heinrich Isaac: XXI. Missa Ferialis

Gloria – Heinrich Isaac: I. Missa Paschale (a6)

Pierre de la Rue: Delicta iuventutis

GradualeIacta cogitátum (Graduale Pataviense, fol. 28)

Alleluia – Heinrich Isaac: Gaudete iusti in Domino (Choralis Constantinus III.)

Credo – Heinrich Finck: Missa a6

OffertoriumOfferentur (Graduale Pataviense fol.167)

Orlandus Lassus: Tibi laus

Sanctus – Heinrich Isaac: II. Missa solenne a6

Orlandus Lassus: Adoramus te, Christe

Agnus Dei – Heinrich Isaac: XX. Missa de Confessoribus

Josquin des Prez: O salutaris hostia

Communio – Heinrich Isaac: Dico vobis (Choralis Constantinus I.)

Johannes Ockeghem: Salve regina

Heinrich Isaac: Virgo prudentissima


Cantoratus Budapestiensis (8; 19)

Corvina Consort (1-3; 6-7; 10; 12; 14-19)

Discantus Ensemble (9; 13; 19)

Greccio Chamber Choir (19)

Voces Aequales (4-5; 11; 19)

László Deák – organ

Mónika Kecskés – organ

So-La Voce Chamber Choir – Australia

Schola Gregoriana Pragensis (dir. David Eben) – Czech Republic

Capilla Flamenca (dir. Dirk Snellings) & Willem Ceuleers, organ – Belgium

Ensemble Cinquecento – Austria


conducted by Zoltán Kalmanovits (19)

with Capitulum Laicorum Sancti Michaelis Archangeli

Celebrant: P. Kovács Ervin Gellért OPraem


Inner City Parish Church (2-5; 12; 14; 16; 18)

St. Michael’s Church (1; 6-7; 10-11; 13; 19)

St. Anna’ Church

St. Stephen’s Basilica (8-9)

Franciscan Church of Pest (15)

St. Teresa of Avila Parish Church (17)

St. Emericus Cistercian Church of Buda

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture

Hungarian Choral Castle, Pomáz

Dommuseum, Pécs

St Georges Montcocq - Eglise (Saint-Lô, Basse Normandie, France)

The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec (Kraków, Poland)

Church in Abbey of Benedictine Sisters in Staniątki (Kraków, Poland)

Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, Balog nad Ipl’om – Slovakia

Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, Kosice – Slovakia


Concert of Corvina Consort - Renaissance & Baroque Week, Győr

23. July, 2013 - 7.00 PM

Church of St. John, Apostle & St. Liborius, Bishop - Nagyszentjános, Hungary

Wedding of the King Matthias & Beatrice, 1476

Chansons from Mellon Chansonniere

Entry free

Judit Andrejszki, Ágnes Pintér - soprano

Károly Pászti - tenor

Zoltán Kalmanovits - baritone, viola da gamba

András Demjén - bass, viola da gamba


Concert of Corvina Consort at Palotanegyed Fesztiválon, Budapest

14. July 2013. - AM 11.00
Párbeszéd Háza (1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 20.)

Wedding of the King Matthias & Beatrice, 1476.
Works by Binchois, Busnois, Ockeghem és Tinctoris from Mellon Chansonnière

Corvina Consort
artistic director: Zoltán Kalmanovits
Judit Andrejszki, Ágnes Pintér - soprano
Károly Pászti - tenor
Zoltán Kalmanovits - baritone, viola da gamba
András Demjén - bass, viola da gamba

Mastercourses of Early Music

Renaissance & Baroque Week, Győr
21-28. July, 2013
Mastercourses of Early Music

Judit Andrejszki
István Győri
Zoltán Kalmanovits
Ágnes Kállay
Katalin Kállay
Bernadett Mészáros
Zsolt Szabó
Szilvia Takács
Piroska Vitárius

Registration deadline: 30. June, 2013

Online registration form

Organization: Harmónia Nonprofit LTD.
9061 Vámosszabdi, Béke u. 4. - Hungary

Venue: Petőfi Sándor Művelődési Ház
H-9022 Győr, Árpád u. 44., 

Éva Dömötör
Tel.: +36-96/519-104,  +36-20/343-7141



Judit Andrejszki, Ágnes Pintér (soprano); Kornélia Bakos (alt), László Kéringer, Péter Mészáros, László Honinger (tenor), Zoltán Kalmanovits, Zoltán Mizsei (bass), Choir of Church Music Department of the Liszt Academy of Music (director: András Soós), Greccio Chamber Choir (director: Mónika Kecskés), Vespro Chamber Orchestra.

conducted by András Derecskei

CANTOR REGIS HUNGARIAE 2012 - we wait again the participants!

international course in church music and early music
Hungarian Choral Castle – Pomáz, 30 June – 6 July 2012

During the five-day programme the participants will become acquainted with the chants of the mediaeval Esztergom Rite, as well as the repertoire and performance practices of 15th–16th century Renaissance polyphonic music.

Participants will receive tuition individually or in small groups, attend lectures, join in choral singing and take part in actual liturgical events and concerts held during the course.

The course is open to early music fans and persons wishing to join in liturgical practices, and offers the opportunity to practising musicians, church musicians and teachers to acquire new knowledge and experience; indeed, we believe it to be particularly useful for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge or to test and deepen their knowledge.

Vocal training, the Gregorian repertoire liturgical practice, Renaissance polyphony, performance practice and liturgical organ playing are brought together in four modules during the course.

The course material and the music will be provided by the organisers.

Concessions and performance opportunities are available for groups of four or more.

See you in the first week of July in the picturesque setting of the Hungarian Choral Castle at Pomáz.

WORKSHOPS (according the weekly schedule):
Solo singing, vocal training – Judit Andrejszki
Gregorian chant, liturgical practice – Zoltán Mizsei
Renaissance polyphonic music, performance practices – Zoltán Kalmanovits
Organ & continuo – Mónika Kecskés
Chanted prayers

The participation fee includes:
- the fee of the course
- full board accommodation in double bedrooms (from dinner on June 30th till breakfast on July 6th, single rooms are available for extra price)


The advance payment of 100€ has to be transferred in such a way that the sum arrives to our account within May 15th, 2012.
Lower age limit: 18 years
NO upper age limit.

Detailed information will be sent to you as soon as we have received your completed registration form.

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